What We Do

Minds Eye has been developing software solutions for over 15 years across many development languages and platforms. While our specialty is C#, we also develop solutions utilizing VB.NET, PHP, Javascript, HTML. We have developed software for a variety of different uses such as SaaS applications, Project Management, Quality Control, Inventory Management, Handheld Scanner software, and more. We have also written integrations and add-ons for SAP, rfGen, DNN, Joomla, Wordpress.

Custom Software

If you can’t find an off-the-shelf or out-of-the-box solution that works for your business, or you are ready to create a new web or mobile product and bring it to market, we are here to help. Minds Eye is specialized in designing and delivering custom technology solutions to meet your exact needs.

The success of any business depends on defining and executing proper business processes. Minds Eye develops dynamic software applications that automate business processes and allow efficient communications between employees, partners and customers. We utilize the latest development technologies (ASP.Net, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access 2007) to design custom, database-driven applications to meet your unique business requirements.

Web Design

In the present ever changing, rapid-information society that we live in, many businesses are looking for web-based applications that provide information in various formats through the internet. Minds Eye has built many applications that provide businesses with ways to expand their portfolio by making critical data available to existing and future customers.

We have mastered HTML, CSS, and Javascript and are constantly reading source code. Being that every project we work on is different in complexity we can build anything. Our development team consists of people that have been coding for over 15+ years.

We strongly believe in design and its power to evoke emotion. We take design very seriously and subscribe to Dieter Rams design philosophy. We believe that great design can change the way a company or product is perceived and the power of great design to alter perception. Our design process is rooted in strategy and defining a look and feel based on a strategy to solve business objectives.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One includes numerous customization features and configuration options. With the SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SDK), we can tailor the solution to meet your particular needs. We understand all aspects of the SDK, UI-API, DI-API, and use them in the manner best suited for your particular business needs.

Whether you need a custom Add-on to extend functionality or custom software that integrates with SAP, we know how to get it done. We have developed add-ons to automate the receipt from productions from a single Purchase Order, handle the in-transit warehouse transfers, written custom scanner software using rfGen for inventory counting and control, to a custom web-based Quality Control solution based off of Purchase orders/Transfers/Batches.


We have developed everything from plugins, a simple blog, to full on feature rich websites using Wordpress and Joomla. We understand different platforms fit the needs of the customer and can help you decide what is best for you.

We offer a variety of design and development services including:
  • Templated websites for the budget-conscious
  • Custom built websites made to your design
  • Custom designed unique websites
  • Custom WordPress themes
  • Custom functionality and WordPress plugins


There are thousands of aftermarket modules and skins available for DotNetNuke which make it easy to create things like blogs, forms, and galleries. However, some companies have very unique business needs that require custom DotNetNuke modules to be created for their website. If it doesn’t exist, we have the DotNetNuke development skills to create it for you.

We have developed custom add-ons for a variety of different needs. Some of these include league and venue management for poker leagues. Distance modules utilizing Google maps to list all players within a specific radius to a venue for export and marketing purposes. We also regularly design and develop many full multi-platform websites utilizing DNN across a variety of different industries.


Simply developing a website or software solution and marketing it, in todays ever-changing, fast-paced world of technology is not enough. Websites and software both need occasional attention, tweaks, and updates. At Minds Eye we work with you to get these jobs done as simply and quickly as possible. Need someone to call or email occasionally with a question or some advice, no problem. We don't even charge for most calls unless we do some physical work.

We have many on-going clients and love to build relationships that can benefit us both as business partners. We are here to help you with any projects you may need input on, continued maintenance, updates. You tell us what your needs are, we will work with you to achieve it in the best way possible.

Ongoing Clients

Clients we work with on software maintenance, updates, and consulting on a regular basis.

  • Cygnusoft Inc.
  • Jacobs Farm/delCabo
  • Magnitude Electronics
  • OrganizationCore
Web Design Portfolio